Political Services

4JF Advertising specializes in political advertising and services. We can help political candidates for office and political issue campaigns.

4JF Advertising keeps up with the latest technology and trends that will maximize political campaign’s ability to reach target voters.

Below is a list of the services we offer to help your campaign position itself above the other campaigns and maximize the return on investment (ROI).


Develop a strategy to identify the right voters to target, an advertising/marketing plan, a customized get out the vote strategy, issue identification and build name identification. We know the Hunt County political landscape and can help any candidate develop a plan to maximize resources to reach the right voters.

Campaign Management

Mange all aspects of your campaign plan and schedule. We offer customized plans to fit your campaign budget. See the below table for more details.

Advertising Design

Design your campaign brand with logo’s and advertising material to be used online and in print media. Allowing you to have a consistent brand image that increases name recognition.

Advertising Management

Management of your online and print advertising. We take your advertising/marketing plan (whether developed by 4JF Advertising or you) and implement it by working with local print media and managing your online advertising using our advertising accounts. Managing campaign advertising can take a lot of time from a candidate.

Social Media Management

Management of your social media campaign accounts to allow your campaign to maximize social media presence and interaction with voters while promoting name recognition and your campaign brand.

Yard Sign Distribution

Campaigns use yard signs to increase name recognition and will distribute dozens if not hundreds of yard signs, consuming a lot of time that the candidate can should be using to interact with voters. Our service takes your list of locations and distributes the correct size at that location, freeing up your time. We also provide services to pick up your signs at the end of the campaign. Multiple campaigns can use this service together for a cheaper prorated cost.


State of the art – proprietary polling that shows where you have strength and where more campaign resources need to be used. We can conduct a baseline poll at the beginning of a campaign and conduct periodic follow up polls to gauge effectiveness of your campaign strategy.

Door To Door Distribution

We can distribute campaign material, door to door to all voter homes or targeted voter homes.

Door To Door Campaigning

Campaigns that utilize door to door campaigning where individuals are interacting with voters significantly increases the ability of a campaign to win. We can help by going door to door to build your name identification, gather follow up information, identify supporters and distribute material.

Website Design

Every campaign needs an online presence. We can build your website or Facebook page as well as manage your content changes. We can integrate a shopping cart, donations and contact forms all branded with your campaign logo and slogans.


All campaigns need printed material from yard signs, flyers, push cards, door hangers or t-shirts. We can design your campaign material and handle your purchasing through a network of vendors we affiliate with or you can use our print service.

Mail Service

We are able to help campaigns with printing services by obtaining, optimizing address lists and utilizing bulk printing permits from affiliated mail companies to lower the cost of mailing to targeted voters.

A team that is dedicated to ensuring customer success.

Services and packages below are only intended for one election cycle (primary or general).

  • Any included or unlimited services are specific to the cycle the package was purchased for.
  • We offer a 25% discount on follow on packages of the same size, if you purchased for the primary and need a follow on package for the general election.
  • If you require to upgrade a package mid cycle, we will prorate the amount on the bigger package.
  • For prorated packages, we will count any services already performed as part of the new package service count.
  • We will offer a 25% discount on a follow-on package of the same size and apply that discount to a larger follow-on package.
  • Discounts only apply for a single election season. For a custom package, please email us for a quote.


As show below

Order services individually through form below

Advertising Design

1 design (3 options) $25 

Advertising Management

1 platform upto 3 ads, 1 month $100

Social Media Management

1 account weekly $100

Web Design – Communication $125 

Web Design – Communication

Modification x 1 $50

Web Design – Communication

Modification Monthly  $100

Web Design – Shopping Cart $250 

Web Design – Shopping Cart

Modification x 1  $50

Web Design – Shopping Cart

Modification Monthly $150

Print agent – 1 time $25

Mail agent- 1 time $25

Yard Sign Distribution

10 4×8, 20 4×4, 50 yard $250

Yard Sign Pickup

10 4×8, 20 4×4, 50 yard $200

Polling – Baseline

Polling – follow on poll

Door to Door – Materal Distribution 1000 homes

Door to Door – Campaigning

1000 homes – includes material distribution

Consulting – Initial 1 hour, includes campaign plan – $300

Consulting + 1/2 hour – $150 

Consulting – Monthly on call for four months – $600 

Minimum Budget Campaign

Primary or November


(20% off)

Logo + 3 ads

1 platform, 3 ads

1 account, weekly


Medium Budget Campaign

Primary or November


(25% off) 

Logo + revision,

7 ads

3 platforms, 7 ads

1 accont, daily or

3 accounts, weekly


2 revisions

3 print agent 

3 mail agent



Included with below

Up to 4000 homes, 1 time 


+1 hour


Full Budget Campaign

Primay or November


(32% off)



5 accounts, daily




5 print agent

5 mail agent



Included with below

up to 12000, 1 time


On Call

Campaign Manager Pricing

Campaign Managers run your entire campaign during an election cycle. Campaign Manager Services are charged at a per hour or per month rate depending on if you want part time or full-time services.

  • Campaign Manager Services will include unlimited consulting during the time period agreed upon.
  • All other services to be performed by your Campaign Manager will be determined by your campaign plan and amount of time you are paying for.
  • Full Time Campaign Mangers will be able to perform all of the services on an as directed and needed basis based on your campaign plan.
  • For Part Time Campaign Managers, the candidate and the Campaign Manager will agree upon which services will be provided in the time period paid for.
  • We will provide a custom quote detailing the services to be provided for both Full Time and Part Time Campaign Managers.
  • A retainer fee to cover the cost of consulting and prorated towards the final amount, will be charged before providing a custom quote.

Fill out the below contact for and select the services that you would like to get a quote for. See the above chart for individual prices. For packages select the correct package in the form below.

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